Wed - 11.19.2014


Well, it's partially live.

Although obviously far from finished, I figured getting some bits and pieces online might give me the last bit of motivation that's lacking. I'm lacking faith in that statement, but let's be optimistic for once.

The only functioning section is the music page, which contains a Primus-inspired OST to the forgotten N64 title, Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding. Maybe not the most memorable title on the system, but it's something of a guilty pleasure of mine, and the soundtrack was an aspect that always stood out to me. Surprisingly -- or not, depending how you feel about the game -- the soundtrack was nowhere to be found, so I finally decided to remedy that.

Also on my YouTube channel for posterity, are 2 Ikaruga replays that I've had sitting on a disc since 2002.

How those CD-Rs are still functional, I'll never know. I'll never complain either.

Those replays were played and captured by Mode7, and features what he called "monochrome" play; in other words, play without switching your ship's polarity. Go ahead and try it, junior. I have a hard time saying that he was the only player to attempt this, but I honestly don't recall seeing any other videos that showcased this method. And much like the Twisted Edge OST, I wasn't seeing these readily available, and that just wouldn't do.

Video playlist

More (much more) on the way.

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